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All right, Laptop is through being dunzo, so we can start the radical Graphics now.

Okay, a lot of people are mistaking this community for being a community that makes "Pornstar" Graphics, although we could oblige by using people popular in the adult film business, it is mainly a celebrity graphic community, we just added pornstar to give us an appeal, and also to where everyone would get a pornstar name, so we could be closer as a community.

Now, with that out of the way, some new memebers might choose to leave, some might not. Whichever you like is fine. But, for those of you who posted to submit graphics, feel free to go ahead and submit them for the taking, be sure to include the rules that you have for your graphics, and stealing is absolutely prohibited here. If you do, in fact decide to steal our work, we will find you, and trust me, you will never steal work again.

All right, if you have any questions, feel free to email me, ll_tink_ll@hotmail.com or mseeriejezebel@aol.com either one is fine.

Thank you for all your patience!
Rebel Moore
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