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Get Happy.

So sorry guys, this is friends only. If you have made the wise decision to be a part of this marvelous community, this is for you. Click below to enter a world of wicked graphics made by equally wicked people.

Rebel Moore.


`` Pornstar Name? `` [ You make your Pornstar name by taking the name of your first pet and your mother's maiden name and putting them together. This is what you will be identified as, if accepted. ]

`` Gender? ``

`` Age? ``

`` What are your feelings towards stealing other peoples work?``

`` Why are you joining? ``

[(Graphic Info.)]
This part applies only to those planning on making graphics for the community

`` How long have you been making graphics? ``

`` What is your specialty? ``

`` What program do you use? ``

`` Which do you prefer, Brushes or Textures? ``

`` Do you make brushes and/or textures? ``

`` What are your favorite colors and fonts to use? ``

`` Any celebrities that frequent your work? ``
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